An Easy Way to Learn the Notes on the Fretboard

Learning the notes on the fretboard is important to be able to locate the correct chords and identify scale patterns. There are many ways to do this. Here is the method I use.

First learn the notes on the low “E” string and on the “A” string. You will need to know the chromatic scale in order to do this.

Next learn the “D” string by subtracting two frets (or whole step) from the note on the “E” string at the same fret. For instance, the 5th fret on the “E” string is an A note, so the 5th fret on the “D” string is a G note.

Learning the “G” string is just as easy. It is two frets lower than the “A” string. So, the 7th fret of the “A” string (an E note) tells me the what the 7th fret of the “G” string is (a D note). Easy right?

The “B” string is similar except you add two frets. 10th fret “A” string = G, 10th fret “B” string = A.

Well that’s it. You know all you need to know because if it is not already obvious to you, the high “E” string is the same as the low “E” string.

Please watch this video if you still are trying to wrap your brain around this method or need help with the chromatic scale:

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  1. ritesh

    Hey,,,Thanx a lot for sharing that Major Scale Shape chapter,.I was so scared looking at those scale shapes but your demonstration made it so easy,.I was stuck at this place since long but your lesson simplified it,..Do u have a youtube account?If possible please do a chapter on soloing,.. Thanx once again ,.

    1. Jack (Post author)

      I have a video on target notes.
      I hope to post some new videos soon.
      Thanks for your comments!


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