How to use your guitar’s volume knob and switches to change the sound from your amp


One thing that many people overlook while playing electric guitar is the power you have to control the sound with your volume knob and switches. I didn’t really get a grasp of this for a long time but now I use it quite often. This is especially helpful if you have a single channel tube amp.  I use a Jet City JCA20H and 1×12 cabinet. You can dial up a nice crunchy sound on the amp, and then roll back your volume and choose the neck pickup to get a decent clean sound.

If you are using humbuckers, you can get even more sounds by installing a coil tap. Then you have the option of single coil low volume and full volume OR humbucker low volume and full volume. if you have two pickups, you can get 8 different sounds without even touching your amplifier. You will have to buy a special potentiometer but it’s not too difficult to install if you’ve ever used a soldering iron. Personally, I like a audio taper potentiometer for the volume. It seems to roll off the crunchiness a little more smoothly then a linear taper.

This guitar is a 1990 MIM Strat (1st year!) with a Mighty Mite neck, Super Vee Blade Runner bridge, and Dimarzio Air Classic (neck) and Air Norton (bridge) pickups with a Fender 3 way switch and coil tap on the tone control.
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