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Shapes and Patterns for the Major Pentatonic scale

Ah, yes. The pentatonic scale. So simple yet so powerful. It is probably the most used scale in rock but it is also popular in country, jazz, and other types of music. I guess the reason is because it only… (Read more)

Different options for practicing and playing scales on guitar

If you going to be playing guitar for very long, you’re going to want to practice your scales. There are several different types of scales but the two main ones would be pentatonic and diatonic. Each of these have major… (Read more)

3 notes per string patterns for the Major scale

If you would like to improvise or solo on guitar, it helpsĀ to practice scales and sequences. So I thought I would share my method for memorizing, playing and understanding the Major scale using three notes per string patterns. This also… (Read more)

An Easy Way to Learn the Notes on the Fretboard

Learning the notes on the fretboard is important to be able to locate the correct chords and identify scale patterns. There are many ways to do this. Here is the method I use. First learn the notes on the low… (Read more)

Larry Mitchell and the Travis Larson Band

Howdy folks. I got a chance to see two really good bands on Saturday January 17th at Shine in downtown Sacramento. It was the Travis Larson Band and Larry Mitchell trio. I saw Larry play several times in NY about… (Read more)